It might be true that a detachable hand steamer accompanies some of the steam mops available in the market, but sometimes you just need something that will be able to handle those little jobs in your home.

All this can be achieved without inquiring the cost of purchasing a big unit.

An example is when you are cleaning the inside of your oven; the best hand held steamers will be able to get into all the crannies and hooks that have been buried deep inside.

Additionally, when cleaning the oven direct steam should not be used on the heating elements.

As a result, having this steamer will be able to deliver the steam in the suitable areas.

Best hand held steamers can offer you the following advantages

  • The machine can produce scorching steam, which can loosen and break down the present dirt to allow easy cleaning.
  • When cleaning surfaces, the use of steam alone is all that you will need, what this means is no chemical residue will be left on your counters.
  • It has been designed with very lightweight features that will not tire your hand as you clean.
  • Finally, when the cleaning tasks are done, it is very easy to store it away in a cabinet due to its compact design.

The best hand held steamers

1. The Karcher SC952 series

The Karcher is considered to be among the best hand held steamers, as it is compact, lightweight and has an ergonomic design.

The machine easily works with the power of water; all you need is to have a tap and a plug socket to start your cleaning tasks.

The heating time in this particular product is very short, as it takes a few seconds for the water to be converted into steam, making it perfect for all the domestic steam-cleaning tasks you might get into.

The tasks can range from kitchen work surfaces, taps, sinks, oven, windows, mattresses; I mean the list is endless.

2. Conair Deluxe the handheld fabric steamer, series GS16R

The Conair Deluxe has many fantastic features in its compact size; the first one being it is both a steamer and iron.

It has been designed with a top mounted water tank that is very easy to fill and remove.

It has a built-in kickstand that can keep the hot soleplate off the counters while it is cooling.

The equipment offers you a dual voltage if you are to use it overseas.

However, the instructions clearly state only distilled water to be used.

3. The Vapamore MR50 series steam cleaner

If you are looking for a lightweight steamer, which is a fully portable handheld dry and wet steam cleaner, then this is ideal for you.

If you are also looking for a quick and efficient way of picking up stains and spills without using harsh chemicals, then this machine promises to deliver exactly that.

Additionally, if you are a pet owner and do not already have this equipment then you are missing out, as it can remove stains and pet accidents chemical free.

Furthermore, you can use this handheld steamer to clean your RVs and Autos.

There are various hand held steamers in the market each offering you different features that suit your needs.

If you are looking for ease during your cleaning tasks, then it is about time you got yourself one of the best hand held steamers in the market.