When your child is finally leaving off to college is one of the finer moments in life for a parent or guardian.

However, you need to ensure they are safe and well covered.

One of the few things you can take care of is their auto insurance.

Auto insurance simply means vehicle insurance.

It provides financial protection against any physical or bodily harm resulting from accidents.

It also offers protection from car theft and against any liability resulting from accidents.

Student auto insurance is therefore very critical and should be taken quite seriously.

It is not such a complicated issue and you need to follow the steps below.

Notify your car insurance company

This is critical if your child will need to relocate to college and not commute from home.

It is, therefore, a must if your child will be moving to a different location.

This is to primarily know where the vehicle will be and your insurance company may need you to get a separate policy.

It is also a great way to get a few discounts which are awesome.

Inquire if your insurance company allows continued use of your policy

When your child remains on your insurance policy there are a lot of benefits.

One key benefit is the fact that you will pay lower rates.

It is, therefore, better to stay with your policy rather than buying a new one for the student.

Note that not all insurance companies provide this, you should however inquire.

Check state minimum liability requirements

In case your child is moving to a different state always ensure your car insurance meets the new state’s insurance requirements.

Most of the time if you’re sticking with the same insurance company, then they know all the requirements for different states.

Visit various insurance providers

It is not a smart idea to just stick to one company without comparing rates and benefits.

Student auto insurance is a very flexible subject and different insurance providers offer different rates.

Ensure you visit and inquire about insurance from at least three different providers before you make your decision.

This will also help you know all the details and you will definitely not miss out on any ongoing offers.

Ask for discounts

Various car insurance providers offer discounts on student auto insurance.

If the child won’t be driving in the new state, then you will most definitely have several discount options that will significantly reduce your premiums.

If your child will be driving, then there are a few discounts available for you as well.

You need to understand that different insurance providers offer different rates for student auto insurance.

Your current company may not be able to keep your child under your insurance, and you should be prepared for that.

Do not, however, send off your child to college assuming they are automatically covered by your insurance.

Road safety is important and you should tell your child all about it, however, in case of any accidents, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are covered.