Car insurance is mandatory for all drivers across the nation.

Each state of the United States has a different set of policies and requirements for these insurance plans.

However, auto insurance policies aren’t always the most convenient.

If you are in a temporary driving situation, such as with a car rental or a borrowed vehicle, you may not want to invest in an insurance policy that requires years’ worth of payments.

Thankfully, there are temporary auto insurance options available.

But how exactly do you get temporary car insurance?

It’s unfortunate that awareness of short-term insurance policies is not as high as it can be.

But with this guide, you can learn how to acquire the best temporary car insurance to suit your needs.

Follow along to see if you are someone who could benefit from short-term car insurance, and how you can acquire a legitimate and affordable plan for yourself.

Who Qualifies for Temporary Auto Insurance?

According to, a leading authority on the rates and benefits of different insurance programs, temporary auto insurance can be acquired in legal and legitimate ways.

You can be eligible for short-term insurance through coverage from a longer-term insurance plan.

Some insurance companies allow you to invest in a plan and cancel at any time.

These plans are ideal for people who:

  • Need coverage just for a weekend or two
  • Will be owning a car for a short amount of time
  • Prefer to have insurance coverage for rented cars
  • Need temporary insurance for a borrowed car
  • Have registered for insurance but need 7 days of coverage before the plan goes into effect
  • Want coverage just for certain seasons or high-traffic holidays

If you are going on a road trip for the holiday season, or you are borrowing someone’s car for a long-distance move, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can invest in temporary auto insurance to stay protected for the amount of time that you are on the road.

How Do I Get Temporary Auto Insurance?

There are several different short-term auto insurance plans available to you, no matter what country or region you reside in.

Each insurance plan comes with its own set of conditions and policies that can cover the important areas of safety and travel needs.

Here’s where you can start looking for the best temporary auto insurance deals:

Some of the leading insurance companies offer non-owner liability policies.

Geico, for example, provides insurance for car rentals or other non-owner auto situations.

You can invest in a six-month policy for cars that you plan to resell within a short period of time.

Just make sure to cancel it before the six month period resets.

Some rental agencies offer insurance policies through the agency itself, which don’t cover for a lot of liabilities, but can still get you through the basics.

If you are borrowing a car, you can use the owner’s insurance policy to cover any liabilities.

Typically, the owner will be responsible for paying for any damages.

You can also seek out temporary insurance for motorcycles and towing situations.

Contact a representative from one of the major insurance companies to find out how you can get started.

Understand Your Options Before You Plan Your Trip!

If you are looking to get insured in the best way possible, you should make preparations before starting your road trip.

You may be able to find a legitimate temporary auto insurance policy through one of the major companies, such as Geico, State Farm, or Allstate.

Plus, you can ask your car rental dealer or borrowed car owner to see if there are any insurance options readily available.

Knowing how to get the best temporary car insurance can cover you for any potential liabilities.

When you are out on the road, anything can happen – it’s best to stay prepared!