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Your Brain Is In Charge, Not Your Phone (Pun Intended)

Do you know what is the common point between a smartphone addict and a chain smoker? (Hint: it’s probably not what you think.)

More about that in a minute, but first, let’s take a look at the way you use technology these days.

You pay your bills online. You shop for clothes, order food, books and furniture online. You can do almost everything with the help of your phone.

Are you really that dependent on your smartphone on every aspect of your life? Or is it your brain that makes you think it’s okay to rely so much on your phone?

Let’s find out.

Can you go on a smartphone diet?

Constantly checking your smartphone is similar to compulsive eating.

When you have nothing much to do, you turn to your phone for entertainment, to keep yourself busy for the next couple of hours.

This behavior can become so compulsive that you will end up checking your phone to fill voids that actually do not exist.

When you diet for the first time, you feel uncomfortable. You experience cravings. But you soon realize that you can be fully operational with less food.

The same way, it won’t do you any harm if you check your updates or newsfeed fewer times per day. In fact, it may even save you some load and reduce your electricity bill.

All you have to do is rewiring your brain to learn to restrain yourself. Some methods can even help you achieve this healthy goal.

Can you make do with fewer apps than you have installed?

There is an app for everything.

I know I have tons I do not use.

I mindlessly browse updates on some of them, while others are just sitting unused.

It may appear that I constantly multitask on my phone and have a very busy existence, but in reality I could delete more than half of them without any harm.

It is the same as having thousands of contact numbers on the phone, or too many movies on your computer’s hard drive.

You are never actually going to use them, but your brain won’t let go of them.

Are you like a chain smoker?

Phone addiction alters your body just as nicotine addiction does.

Just as smokers calm down every time they get their “reward”, a smartphone addict always seeks new stuff online to fill their cravings.

The frequency of checking phones among such people is much more than is the frequency of lighting a cigarette in chain smokers.

This is probably because the “chemical reward” to our brains is not as important as with cigarettes. They are always at hand and the negative effects are not as obvious. I mean nobody is going to start coughing if they check their phone too many times.

They might feel pain in their eyes and thumbs, but who cares? And they will certainly not think about the long term effects of this compulsive behavior.

Whether you consider phone addiction as a form of mindless bingeing, a compulsive collectors’ urge, or simply chain smoking, the truth is that it has more to do with the brain and how it functions than with the phone itself.

Keep in mind that the addiction can be controlled if you can control your brain.

Benefits Of Outdoor Gas Stoves

Cooking and eating outdoors is a leisure that most people across the world enjoy.

There are different approaches that one can use in outside cooking such as campfires, barbecues, smoker grills, and outdoor gas stoves.

However, people are today embracing the outdoor gas stoves for their out of doors cooking due to the various advantages that include:

Faster cooking time

Outdoor gas stove takes less time to cook since gas heat is instantly available.

Its ranges can uniformly disperse heat and can regulate the temperature from time to time.

Therefore, by altering the temperature from high to low one can cook food faster with minimal searing.

Environment friendly

While searching for better alternatives, there have been interests of whether outdoor gas stoves are cleaner compared to pellet or wood stoves.

Concerning this, it has been confirmed that gas, whether natural gas or propane, releases lesser soot than any other fuel.

It causes minimal air pollution making it an environmentally friendly way of outdoor cooking.

Multiple available fuels

The outdoor gas stove could operate off different varieties of fuels.

While most of them can run using natural gas, some can run off the propane, butane, or LP.

Others can use unleaded gasoline or kerosene.

Arrays of designs and styles

With the broad range of styles, designs and materials to select from, investing in a portable gas stove is more similar to investing in an elegant piece of furniture.

The different assortments to choose from makes outdoor gas cooking an excellent approach to healthier ways of life in cooking.

With various collections of grills and burners to select from, today one can prepare a whole meal on an outdoor gas stove.

Fantastic grills

Today, due to being fast and simple start up and outstanding temperature management, outdoor gas grills are taking over the grill world.

Usually, people add hardwood chips to their gas grill to impart savor.

While gas-grilling, marinades, seasonings, and direct searing over the very hot fire adds a flavor to the food.

A handy solution

An outdoor gas stove comes in handy in various circumstances.

It can save you the trouble of cooking in case of power disruptions.

The portable gas stove can also be beneficial in the event of a forced evacuation from your house.

Since we never know when natural catastrophes can occur, it is ideal to be prepared at all times.

Having a choice to cook during these moments is an important benefit of having these gas stoves.

Convenient and inexpensive

While cooking outdoors, the smaller gas stoves are very convenient.

You can typically acquire them with one or two burners.

You will also need the gas canisters, which are quite affordable.

The outdoor gas stoves allow you to cook a considerable quantity of meals.

Bottom line

Outdoor cooking is widespread leisure activity enjoyed by many.

Due to the various advantages, outdoor gas stoves have gained popularity over the years.

So, if you are preparing an out of doors cooking, incorporate these gas stoves in your plans.

Finding a Great Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

Have you made a resolution that this will be the year that you hit the gym regularly? Are you someone who has already committed to a gym membership and really want to get the best out of it? No matter where you are on your health and fitness journey, you need a gym bag with shoe compartment to help with your success.

You may not realize it, but duffel bags, or gym bags, are an essential part of the equipment that you need to have a positive experience at the gym.

However, these items are designed to store everything you require to transform into your workout and back into your regular appearance.

UK residents have a similar item, called a holdall, which you may consider as well.

The reason that you need a gym bag with shoe compartment is to keep your shoes separated from the other items you may have in the bag.

For instance, you certainly do not want these smelly items next to anything that you do not plan to put in the laundry when you get home.

In the past, gym bags were essentially large one-compartment constructions where everything was tossed together.

However, this does not work very well for most people in the modern world.

It is too easy for small items to become lost with this type of haphazard design.

Additionally, most men and women today use at least a handful of products during and after showering in order to look, feel and smell fresh.

These bottles need to remain together, and away from the dry items in the bag.

A gym bag with shoe compartment will allow your shoes to air out and should also have a separate section for wet or dirty items.

When you go to the gym, it is inevitable that you are going to get sweaty and be in need of a shower.

Unless you plan to drive directly home, showering at the gym is a good idea.

You will need a place to keep your towel separated from your gym clothes and your clean clothing.

Some also take this as an opportunity to switch from their day to evening look if going to the gym after work.

As you search for the best gym bag with shoe compartment, make sure that it is well ventilated.

The outer fabric of the area should be mesh or some other highly breathable material.

Otherwise, the smell will become embedded in the bag and the odor will spread to other compartments.

Additionally, a good bag will provide easy access to your vehicle keys.

After all, many people change into their workout clothes at the gym and drive home to shower.

Digging through a disorganized mess to find a set of car keys would be frustrating to say the least! There should be a clip or compartment that is specially designated for keys.

These suggestions will help you find the best gym bag with shoe compartment and other amenities for your new goals.

Selecting The Best Indestructible Dog Leash

You don’t have to have a large dog in order to need an indestructible dog leash.

You only need one with sharp teeth.

Small dogs or puppies can often destroy a leash more quickly than a large dog.

Their teeth are sharp and tiny, allowing them to get into the spaces between the fibers and rip them to shreds.

It is surprising how quickly they can do it too.

If you have a chewer, you need to find an indestructible dog leash for your dog’s safety and your piece of mind.

Cloth or Nylon

If you are looking for an indestructible dog leash, forget those cheap cotton ones.

They will be history in only a few seconds.

Woven nylon ones are much better and take a little more effort, but as soon as they start to fray, they disintegrate quickly.

The fibers themselves are tougher, but they are still no match for the avid chewer.

Other Options

Now there are dog leashes available in lightweight metal.

Of course, these are only suitable for small dogs.

Chains for larger dogs would be too heavy for the owners or the dogs.

The only problem with metal dog chains is that they are often made of coated steel, which when scratched can begin to rust.

The most lightweight ones are made of aluminum, but they can break if pulled on too tightly.

The best indestructible dog leashes available now are rubber coated cables or chains.

The dogs cannot chew through the rubber easily and if they do, they will then encounter metal.

They will more than likely give up at that time.

Rubber coated cable leashes do not have to be very thick in order to be strong.

One word of caution about rubber coated metal chains or nylon leashes.

If the dog chews, there is a possibility that they could ingest small pieces of the material.

This could cause and a dangerous condition requiring veterinary care.

Always check the leash for damage and be suspicious of a potentially harmful medical condition if you see it.

If you see bits of plastic or nylon in the stool, contact your veterinary immediately.

Small bits of rubber or nylon can also pose a potential choking hazard.

Chewing on metal leashes can harm your dog’s teeth.

Broken teeth or bleeding from the mouth should also be a concern for your veterinary.

As a responsible dog owner, the best advice is to train your dog not to chew the leash.

If you catch your dog chewing the leash, take it from their mouth and give them something they are allowed to chew on such as a toy.

Praise and reward the dog when they chew on an appropriate object.

Do not punish your dog for chewing the leash.

That will only make them afraid of the leash.

Chewing is a natural behavior that is instinct.

Some dogs have this instinct more than others.

You should never leave your dog unattended tied with a leash, but even if you are a cautious owner, some dogs will find a way to chew the leash.

For these dogs, you need an indestructible dog leash.

Brief Guide When Selecting Hammocks for Sale

Before selecting a hammock, first picture where you want to use it.

The bigger models which come with additional features are suited for campers.

A good number come with mosquito nets to barricade against parasites and insects.

The extended width is for accommodating a sleeping bag.

Hammocks for sale which are only suited for lounging purposes are much smaller and lack bug prevention features.

Secondly, determine the level of comfort offered.

Your physical body features are your guide.

In that I mean weight and height.

Heavy guys with big body stature go for the wider durable models.

Smaller campers prefer lighter options.

Evolution of Hammocks

The spreader bars are a recent addition onto the traditional hammock design.

The purpose of the spreader bars is to keep the hammock open.

When open it’s more flat and assumes a bed-like appearance.

Actually, this is what made it more appealing to the masses.

Historians have no knowledge on where hammocks originated from.

Some even argue that hammocks were discovered by accident.

The spreader bars transformed the hammock from static sleeping devices into spinning rollercoaster rides.

They can be swung, twisted and turned until you emerge face down.

I can categorize hammocks for sale into these groups.

1. Parachute Nylon Singles

With a tolerance for minimal stretch, they are the most durable.

All come with extended stays which resulting in more comfort.

It makes a great fit for one camper.

The Grand Trunk Single and the Eagle Nest Outfitters SingleNestcarry this model.

2. Parachute Nylon Double Designs

A larger and wider version of the single models are the parachute nylon model.

Two people can comfortably relax within.

However it’s only comfortable for one person to sleep in.

The extra width makes it suitable for camping where the climates are cold and wet.

It can also cover your shoulders and feet.

The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest and Grand Trunk Double make comfortable doubles.

3. Ultralight Designs

The light, compact model is suitable for a backpacking trip or even carrying onto a plane.

The material is no the strong parachute nylon, but still holds average sized campers.

When going on an outdoor hike and want to reduce your pack weight, ultralight models are suitable.

Here we have the Grand Trunk Ultralight, Eagles Nest Outfitters Pronest, Grand Trunk Nano 7 and Byer Traveler Life.

4. Backcountry Designs

The fabric consists of high-denier nylon with extra features such as guy-lines.

With this feature more space is created in the interior.

The Hennesy Expedition Asym and Warbonnet Blackbird lead this category.

Hammock Related Accessories

There are several new additions manufacturers have added to various models to ease set-up while increasing stability and comfort.

Sometimes coming along with extra nylon straps is a good idea.

Particularly in those areas where the trees are further apart from each other.

It does not cost much and does not damage the trees where they are wrapped.

Thin cords damage tree barks, so do not use them.

Carabiners are used for connecting hammocks to their straps.

Always hang your straps to a thirty degree angle.

It creates a fairly level platform for sleeping diagonally.

Fabrics which stretch more are the best for stability.

Why Should You Get Hold of a Family Tent?

One of the best outdoor activities that can be enjoyed both alone or with friends and family is camping.

With more than millions of people going for camping every year, it is important to use the right family tents which will help you camp easily and stay warm at night while sleeping especially during the cold months.

Ozark trail tents are one of the best tents which enhance your camping experience and offer a reasonable alternative to high-priced tents which serve the same purpose.

They are available in a variety of sizes and prices and one can choose the tent which suits their needs and budged best.

The Different Models of Family Tents

Family tents are available in different sizes with the smallest tents being good enough for a single person.

The largest tents can accommodate up to 14 people in a single tent.

Some common models available in the market have 2 or 3 queen sized beds along with other compartments offering comfort and privacy.

Kids can be set up in a different part of the tent or wings or made to sleep with you if you wish.

You will find Ozark trail tents being sold in different models and prices and you can choose the tent depending on the number of people going for the camp.

Benefits of using a good Family tent

Why should you get hold of a good family tent? If you’re going outdoors in the winters and are looking for a tent option that can help you spend the nights easily without a worry, you will need to get hold of a tent that gets the job done.

Here is a look at some of the ways how family tents can help you.

  • Stay warm – Family tents help the camper stay warm and cozy with body heat especially during the cold and chilly nights. One needn’t freeze in a small tent where the wind blows in continuously and disturbs your sleep.
  • Safety – A family tent ensures that you remain safe from environmental factors, wild animals, cold winds and also unforeseen hazards when camping in the mild of a forest.
  • Sleep comfortably – Sleeping in a family tent means that you can now sleep comfortably, spread your legs in the warm blanket and not worry about getting up time and again to adjust the tent as is the case with cloth tents.

Ozark trail tents help you do all this and a lot more.

There are tents big enough to make as many as 12 people sleep comfortably. Many of the tents even come with chairs for each person so that you can enjoy the wild or outdoors when you’re out of the tent.

There are even vacation family tents that have three rooms within the tents, that can just be the right buy when you’re on a vacation.

You can enjoy your time in a new way and camping will never be the same with Ozark Trail tents.

They are easy to buy and take care of all your different tent needs, helping you enjoy amenities like living room and bedrooms even while inside a tent.

Why Coleman Stove Parts Need to Be On Your Buy List

Statistics reveal that over 60 percent of small-sized families in the United States use a gas stove to cook all their food at least once every day.

The reason gas stoves are so popular is that they offer accurate cooking temperatures which can be regulated as needed and the heat coming out of such a stove is always evenly distributed.

It reduces the cooking time by almost 50 percent and it can also be used in places where there is no electricity.

And Coleman stove parts are just the right bet if you’re looking for something to cook on when out camping.

They are easy to set up and can make your camping adventure a real easy one, helping you cook as you want.

If you’re waiting to go on your next camping trip, you would want the stove parts to work just right, as they can become damaged or broken and will have to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Why should you choose good-quality stove parts?

How do you plan to use the stove? No matter how you plan to cook, an important consideration is whether you have the access to the right stove parts.

If your original stove parts have come out, do not worry.

The right replacement will serve you for a long time.

What is important when deciding whether you have found the right stove parts is understanding why you need them in the first place.

Stove parts can help you cook quicker and better when you’re out camping and can be the perfect accessories.

This is where Coleman stove parts prove to be of great use.

Being popularly used in several homes, these parts make the gas stove a safer and better device to use and also eliminate the need of having to change the parts time and again.

The Benefits of Buying Coleman Stove Parts

Your stove part needs to stick around with you for years and this is why you need to buy in something that is durable and sturdy.

It is important to look for original Coleman stove parts if you have a Coleman stove as otherwise the performance might be effected, also reducing the duration of the stove’s life.

Here are some of the benefits of using good quality stove parts in your home.

  • Superior quality – If you’re going out for camping and need a stove, this is it! Being far superior in quality, such parts offer full value for money and are made of high-grade materials which do not rust or break easily.
  • Durable – Another reason to choose high-quality stove parts is that they are extremely durable to use and last for many years to come without the owner having to change it from time to time.
  • Reasonably priced – These parts do not get spoiled easily and being available at a reasonable price, a home owner can easily purchase it when needed from online stores or a store near their home.

So the next time your stove gives trouble and you need to get a part or two replaced, only think of using high-quality stove parts such as Coleman stove parts, which will not only solve the problem but also increase the stove’s life by allowing it to run smoothly in the future.

Why Use Tote Bags For Work?

An elegant and confident walk and talk can take you places in the corporate world.

Apart from dressing well, using the right accessories too play a part in helping you step out in style, brimming with confidence.

If you have always wanted to add a class to your professional look, tote bags for work can be your ultimate choice.

These spacious bags can let you carry your wallet, water bottle, lipstick, keys, iPhone, and other daily essential that you have to carry everyday.

Tote bags are made of sturdy materials like heavy canvas/nylon, jute, or other kinds of durable synthetic materials that are easy to care for.

Style experts vote for the leather totes as they are considered to be more classy and suitable for the ultimate corporate look.

The great news is that tote bags for work are not limited to women.

Even men can choose some of these in case they no longer wish to carry those traditional wallets and bags to carry their laptops and accessories!

If you are wondering why you should use tote bags for work, there are many reasons to encourage you into buying one.

Apart from the professional look they impart to your overall profile, these bags are pretty useful and convenient to carry around.

Some other reasons that will make you opt for tote bags for work include:

  • Versatility: Though you may prefer to use tote bags for work exclusively, you can also use them for your gym to carry all your gym gears; for an overnight stay with things and clothes required for a day packed in; or as a beach bag; school bag; laptop bag; knitting bag; and many such purposes. You can use them whenever you have to carry a few small or big things in a bag that doesn’t interfere with your look or style.
  • Professional Look: The trend of carrying tote bags for work is increasing due to their classy looks and styles. According to your taste, you may pick the ones made up of leather, synthetic/organic materials showcasing elegant designs and patterns that match your dress.
  • Totes are Durable: The very reason why totes have gained so much popularity is because they can serve you well for many years and help accommodate a wide variety of small and big accessories (up to a certain weight limit though).
  • Functional and Fashionable: Tote bags for work blend convenience and fashion with equal elan. They not only help you sport the season’s hottest style but are functional as well, letting you carry small and big things to your work, gym, library and several other places. In the market, you will find gorgeous bags with designer prints and labels, which are functional and fashionable at the same time.

Different Types of Tote Bags

There exists a varied repertoire of tote bags for work, from which you can take your pick, depending on where and how you wish to use them.

There are luxury tote bags in designer styles; canvas tote bags for practicality; beach tote bags made of waterproof materials; mini tote bags for work for party; sports tote bags; and much more.

Most often, it is the classy looking leather tote bags that men and women prefer carrying to work, as they help you sport a sharp, professional look.

However, you are the best judge to determine what you should buy when it comes to tote bags for work.