Everyone yearns for a peaceful sleep after a long day.

However, despite looking forward to having a restful sleep, you may end turning and tossing till morning.

Bed bugs are the worst scariest nightmare no one wants to share a bed with them.

The constant biting is more than a nuisance.

Therefore, immediate action to tackle the infestation in your home is necessary.

One of the popular techniques to do away with bedbugs is the use of a bug steamer.

Most people are familiar with steamers for bed bugs; some have used it at one point or the other.

Types of a bed bug steamer

There are two varieties of bed bug steamers, dry steamer, and wet steamer.

Dry Steamer

Most individuals prefer this model.

It has an ability to reach up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dry steamer leaves less moisture even after use.

Wet steamer

The wet steamer is also useful as the dry steamer but does not have an ability to reach to 240 degrees.

After treatment, it can also leave the surfaces wet.

The types of steamers direct us to the question of how to choose a suitable steamer.

You don’t want to purchase a bed steamer that does not suit your needs; leaving you with frustrations because of not achieving the results wanted.

How to choose the right bed steamer

  • Whenever choosing the steamer, always make sure the steamer of choice has an ability to regulate the amount of steam released. This helps you control the functioning of the steamer to your specifications.
  • If treating your whole house for bedbugs, it’s important to consider selecting a bed steamer model that holds large units of water. If treating only a small area using a model that contains enough or fewer units of water would be convenient.
  • On the other hand if steaming a small area using for a short period, a wet bed bug steamer with a large tank can be more useful.

How to use bed bug steamers

Most of the steamer models have an instructions list to guide you on the proper use of it.

When using a bed bug steamer, pay attention to the pressure adjustments, the amount of water in the steam.

Having too much pressure on the steamers only blows the bedbug around.

Sufficient water on the steamer saves you time on having to wait for the steamer to cool down so as to refill.

Make ample use of the attachments that come with the steamer, for instance, a cloth steamer attachment and jet tip attachment.

Proper use of these items ensures effective treatment.

Lastly, ensure enough temperature is applied when using the steamer so as to kill the bedbugs.

The temperature should exceed 120 degrees to be effective.

Safety precautions to observe when using a bed bug steamer

  • When steaming for the bedbugs ensure that you don’t steam anything connected to the electricity or electrical outlets.
  • When steaming, always ensure that you put on closed protective gear to avoid unexpected moments of steaming your legs or any part of your body.
  • Always ensure the jet is not facing you when steaming.
  • If one is not confident steaming themselves, hiring a professional would be a better choice.