Balsam Hills offers a wide selection of quality Christmas trees.

With their realistic, beautiful appearance and ten year warranty, customers rave about these artificial Christmas trees as the best they’ve ever purchased.

Shopping for Balsam Hills Christmas trees is easy and fun, with their Christmas trees organized by level of realism, height, light type, and shape.

They also offer a number of easy set up trees to make Christmas decorating simple and hassle-free.

Choose from most realistic, realistic, and traditional trees on the level of realism scale.

Some of the most realistic Christmas trees include the Norway Spruce, which is available in 6.5 feet to 9 feet in height and with various lighting options, and the signature Balsam Fir tree, which was named “Best Overall” by Good Housekeeping.

This classic Christmas tree is available in heights of 5.5 feet to 9 feet and as unlit or with various lighting options.

There are fifty two most realistic trees to choose from overall, including topiary designs and potted plant options as well.

The realistic section offers 19 Christmas trees.

Varieties include the Saratoga Spruce, the Fifth Avenue Flatback, the Scotch Pine, and the Grandview Fir, all available with various lighting.

They also offer several stunning potted arrangements, such as the Outdoor Frosted Evergreen and the Mountain Meadow Potted Foliage.

For the traditionalist, view the 13 options available under this heading.

The Classic Blue Spruce and Berkshire Mountain Fir can both be purchased at different heights, from a diminutive 4.5 feet to the towering 9 feet version.

Or there is the towering Rockefeller Pine, soaring in at 15 to 30 feet, sure to impress crowds with its beautiful lights and size.

As already mentioned, Balsam Hills Christmas trees come in a vast range of heights.

There are 77 options for trees under 6 feet, including Classic Blue Spruce trees, topiaries, and potted trees.

At the other end of the height spectrum are trees in the 15 to 30 feet category, such as the 18 feet California Baby Redwood and the Vermont White Spruce (TM) tree Narrow.

Lighting options include color and clear combinations, clear, multicolored, and LED in clear or multicolored.

For those looking for unlit trees, Balsam Hills offers 77 varieties of these Christmas trees.

Browse trees by shape, choosing from regular or full, narrow, slim, fallback, or potted trees.

Finally, select a tree by method of set up.

All Balsam Hills trees are designed to be easy to arrange and include Easy Plug (TM) trees that simply stack up and plug in.

The Pre Fluffed (TM) Instant Evergreen Trees retain their shape even while in storage and require no shaping upon set up.

The Flip Trees (TM) store upside down and are as fast to set up as their name implies.

Balsam Hills Christmas trees are the obvious choice for quality, luxury artificial Christmas trees.

Choose one of their trees to make your home beautiful during the Christmas season for years to come.