Month: November 2015

3 Places To Buy The Best Camping Chairs

Enjoying outdoor activities all day long require a good seat to get back to, sit, or laze onto, whenever your legs and muscles ache and scream for respite.

That’s why you need to invest in the best camping chair to make the most of your outdoor sessions, be it on the beach, sitting beside a campfire, in between hikes or while catching a fish or two during your angling trips.

But then finding the best of the lot isn’t a cakewalk.

You need to know where to buy the best camping chair from, in order to make the most of your investment.

Here are three places where you can browse the stocks and find a camping chair to suit both your needs and budget:

  1. Online retailers: As more and more people are doing almost everything via their smartphones and other smart devices, it has becomes just natural to search and buy camping chairs online as well. If you too want to take your search for the best camping chair online, you can focus on the popular online retailers such as Walmart and Amazon to take your pick. Apart from giving you a wide variety to browse through and choose, these retailers often offer incredible discounts, which would make buying from them all the more beneficial and cost-effective. You may even search websites of reputed wholesalers to check if they have the product that you are looking for.
  2. Manufacturer’s Websites: Visiting the websites of companies that manufacture such chairs is another way to buy the best camping chair. You may either place your orders online or visit their brick-and-mortar stores after you have selected a particular chair or shortlisted a few and need to get a closer look at all before making your purchasing decision. For instance, if you wish to buy camping chairs and other camping essentials (sleeping bags, stoves, storage etc) from Coleman, you can visit the company’s website to browse through and place your orders. Like retailers, most manufacturers too offer special weekly deals and festive offers on the best camping chair. You just need to keep an eye on the websites so that you can spot these offers and buy your chair at discounted prices.
  3. Brick-and-mortar Stores: If you prefer to take this traditional route, you can visit your local store or one nearby that stocks camping equipment to browse at your convenience and take your pick. Since you can get the best camping chair in wood, canvas, steel and aluminum, visiting a physical store would give you the chance to take a look at each variety from close quarters and even sit on them to feel if they really suit you and offer you the optimum comfort level. This in turn would help you to make an informed buying decision.

Since the market offers a variety of camping chairs from different outdoor equipment brands and manufacturers, you have to know from where you will get good deals and quality products at competitive prices before you buy the best camping chair.

How Can Product Reviews Help?

Product reviews are evaluation of various products, which reveal the pros and cons for customers and clients alike, to help them make informed decisions with respect to choosing the products.

Reviews, especially the positive ones, go a long way in getting the word out about a good product, which in turn helps grab the attention of potential customers, some of whom may end up buying it.

Positive product reviews can even bring your business under the limelight, helping you to get business partners or being considered by venture capitalists and angel investors (the latter being especially helpful for start-ups) who are willing to invest money in your business.

Even adverse product reviews have their benefits as they help you to spot the shortcomings and make amends on time to avoid losing customers.

Thus, product reviews help you to expand your business.

They not only benefit various business models but also benefit the customers as companies take them very seriously and fix glitches and complaints, if any, often with lightening fast speed to avoid making a bad name in the industry.

Can Product Reviews Really Help?

Yes, they can for sure!

Here’s how:

If you are a consumer

Product reviews by other consumers help you to establish your trust in the company, before you buy from them.

They give voice to the experience of other consumers through various forums as well.

Since most reviews online have ratings for the same product made by various manufacturers, your decision making process becomes very simple if you read them carefully.

If you are the product manufacturer

If you are the one responsible for making a product, reviews of your products can significantly benefit your company in different ways.

Such reviews help you to note customer ratings and their feedbacks/opinions, thus showing you what’s working and what’s not.

This can pave way for changes/adjustments and new launches in your product line and even help improve your customer service.

Some of the major benefits to your business include:

  • SEO: Product reviews can have an impact on your website’s SERP rankings. This is because popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. consider the number of times your product name is mentioned in reviews. The more the reviews of your products, the higher your SEO ranking will be and your company name or website would appear on top of the search engine results.
  • Improvise and Improve: You can track product reviews from valuable target customers who praise/criticize your products, suggest improvements, or raise issues or concern. This will help you to re-check or verify the genuineness behind these comments and make the necessary improvements in your products. This move would help you earn credibility in the market.
  • Boost Conversion Rates: Since more number of reviews will increase your SERP rankings, more people will be able to find and view your products. This in turn would expand your reach to a larger clientele across the globe, thus giving you the chance to convert hot leads into sales and drive your ROI north.

As a marketing personal

As a marketing professional, you are responsible for adding value to the products and bringing newer clients to your company.

Reading through and browsing online product reviews of various types of customers will help you to identify potential customers or even expand the circle of your existing customers, depending on some of their needs that are unfulfilled, in case your company has something to fill that gap.

Reviews also help you to establish good customer relationship and show that you care, especially when you take negative product reviews in your stride and fix glitches, address consumer concerns or make amends to do away with features that aren’t user-friendly.

In essence, product reviews are the most powerful way to enjoy a product (for customers) or expand a business (for business owners), because more than 63% of customers, according to a research, are likely to purchase products based on reviews and ratings.

Why Use Tote Bags For Work?

An elegant and confident walk and talk can take you places in the corporate world.

Apart from dressing well, using the right accessories too play a part in helping you step out in style, brimming with confidence.

If you have always wanted to add a class to your professional look, tote bags for work can be your ultimate choice.

These spacious bags can let you carry your wallet, water bottle, lipstick, keys, iPhone, and other daily essential that you have to carry everyday.

Tote bags are made of sturdy materials like heavy canvas/nylon, jute, or other kinds of durable synthetic materials that are easy to care for.

Style experts vote for the leather totes as they are considered to be more classy and suitable for the ultimate corporate look.

The great news is that tote bags for work are not limited to women.

Even men can choose some of these in case they no longer wish to carry those traditional wallets and bags to carry their laptops and accessories!

If you are wondering why you should use tote bags for work, there are many reasons to encourage you into buying one.

Apart from the professional look they impart to your overall profile, these bags are pretty useful and convenient to carry around.

Some other reasons that will make you opt for tote bags for work include:

  • Versatility: Though you may prefer to use tote bags for work exclusively, you can also use them for your gym to carry all your gym gears; for an overnight stay with things and clothes required for a day packed in; or as a beach bag; school bag; laptop bag; knitting bag; and many such purposes. You can use them whenever you have to carry a few small or big things in a bag that doesn’t interfere with your look or style.
  • Professional Look: The trend of carrying tote bags for work is increasing due to their classy looks and styles. According to your taste, you may pick the ones made up of leather, synthetic/organic materials showcasing elegant designs and patterns that match your dress.
  • Totes are Durable: The very reason why totes have gained so much popularity is because they can serve you well for many years and help accommodate a wide variety of small and big accessories (up to a certain weight limit though).
  • Functional and Fashionable: Tote bags for work blend convenience and fashion with equal elan. They not only help you sport the season’s hottest style but are functional as well, letting you carry small and big things to your work, gym, library and several other places. In the market, you will find gorgeous bags with designer prints and labels, which are functional and fashionable at the same time.

Different Types of Tote Bags

There exists a varied repertoire of tote bags for work, from which you can take your pick, depending on where and how you wish to use them.

There are luxury tote bags in designer styles; canvas tote bags for practicality; beach tote bags made of waterproof materials; mini tote bags for work for party; sports tote bags; and much more.

Most often, it is the classy looking leather tote bags that men and women prefer carrying to work, as they help you sport a sharp, professional look.

However, you are the best judge to determine what you should buy when it comes to tote bags for work.