Month: October 2015

Where to Buy Cheap Rocking Chairs

Different people have different needs when it comes to rocking chairs. Some go for the look and style, while some others focus on the make and functionality. Then there may be some handful that just looks for cheap rocking chairs that serve the purpose. Researches on ‘rocking chair therapy’ conducted at University of Rochester reveal that gentle rocking every now and then enables endorphins in the body, which significantly brings down pain and relaxes the system. This in turn boosts psychological wellness of whoever sits on them – irrespective of age.

There are several options to buy rocking chairs. You can just visit a reputed furniture shop nearby or take a look online to explore many styles and models of cheap rocking chairs. While you look for cheap rocking chairs, remember not to compromise on quality, as safety is a huge concern in any seating furniture.

Whether you choose to buy cheap rocking chairs online or from brick-and-mortar stores, you can explore the following options:

  • Garage Sales: The concept of garage sales most often is to sell stuff at almost throwaway prices. No wonder that people consider such sales to give them the best of things at rates that are nothing short of a steal. You can be sure about the quality and condition of the things as you get to see them in person. At times, if you are fortunate, you might even get a brand new piece for less price, just because it is sold second-hand. Hence keep looking in your area for any garage sale and see if they have cheap rocking chairs among other things.
  • Estate Sales: Estate sales are common in some countries. If the country where you live has this concept, this is a place where you can look for cheap rocking chairs. It’s probable that you will get the best model rocking chair or antique rocking chair for a price that’s simply unbelievable otherwise.
  • Online Websites: There are some popular online websites you must look into for cheap rocking chairs. Take time to identify the features and look you wish to have in your rocking chair, after which you should compare two or three websites to see which one of them has a matching product in its repertoire that fits your budget and doesn’t compromise on the quality aspect. Remember to read reviews of the same, as this would give you a consumer’s perspective.
  • Thrift Stores: Thrift stores are other places where you can look for cheap rocking chairs. However, you ought to have some bargaining skills. Very often, they project high rates, which you must bring down with your bargaining prowess. If you manage to get a chair from such stores, you may have to do some touch up paints to remove/cover up stains and chips here and there before you showcase it to your guests.

Explore all possibilities and focus on the quality and sturdiness in your cheap rocking chairs before you buy them. It’s best to choose those that blend safety, cost-effectiveness and beauty with equal ease.

Types of Outdoor Umbrella Stands

Most outdoor décors are determined by the size and look of the outdoor umbrellas you choose.

Despite choosing the best designs and quality of umbrellas, the longevity and durability is determined by the quality of the outdoor umbrella stands, which can hold them steady against all weather conditions.

After all, the looks of these umbrellas are mainly gauged by the way they stand.

The types of outdoor umbrella stands or bases are varied, as they depend on the sizes, designs, quality, and weight bearing abilities they possess.

Here are some factors knowing which will help you understand outdoor umbrella stands better:

  • Outdoor Umbrella Stands based on weights: Choosing the right base for huge outdoor umbrellas is extremely important in addition to deciding upon the design and style it flaunts. For instance, a 100lbs stand can support any size of standing umbrella without a table; whereas a 75lbs stand is apt for umbrellas with heights between 8 feet and 11 feet. Umbrellas with table require different weight range of stands.
  • Rust-Free Stands: This is one feature you have to look for, when you buy outdoor umbrella stands. These are specifically designed with materials that do not oxidize or form rust. Most often, these stands are made of cast iron and composite materials. They might even have a finishing coat of bronze powder and are usually made available in various designs and styles to suit your modern décor.
  • Rolling Stands: These outdoor umbrella stands are often made of high-density and durable polyethylene that do not chip or rust. Though they are easy to maintain and have wheels for you to move them around, as and when you may choose to, you may have to fill them with sand, water, or stones to make them heavy and stay fixed.
  • Resin Stands: Resin stands are similar to rolling stands, in terms of filling them up with water or sand due to their lightweight and mobile features. However, these stands do not chip, peel, or rust under changing weather conditions and hence are considered to be one of the best options for outdoor umbrella stands.
  • Cantilever Umbrella Stands: These stands have to be heavier than the ones you pick for umbrellas with table, which is approximately 100lbs. These are ideal for off-set patio umbrellas that you position over seating areas to ensure adequate shade. Cantilever umbrella stands are made of molded plastic and need to be filled with water, or sand, or rocks to boost stability.

Irrespective of the varied models and types, you can get outdoor umbrella stands in a wide range of colors, designs and styles to fit the diverse requirements of your indoor or outdoor décor.

Just remember to consider the size of your umbrella, its height and frame, the color of its fabric, the diameter of the shade as well as the material and weight of the center shaft to pick the best stand that serves your purpose and enhances the beauty quotient of your space.