Whether you are camping in your RV or hopping across states on a vacation, one thing you just can’t compromise with is safe drinking water.

During such camping or trips, getting access to clear, clean and soft water is almost impossible in most cases.

Therefore, you need to get the best RV water filter installed in your RV before venturing out.

After all, you won’t want to ruin all the fun on the road by falling prey to water-borne diseases.

With the best RV water filter, you can rest assured of getting pure and clean water, as and when you need it.

Such a filter would not only remove unwanted impurities from water but also make it smell and taste better.

You can get the best RV water filter easily if you know what your requirements are and have some knowledge about the various types of filters available in the market.

There are plenty of RV water filters available in the market for various sizes of RV’s.

Starting from large and jumbo-sized systems for full-time RVers who consume a large amount of water, to smaller portable ones, to highly efficient RO (reverse osmosis) units, you have a wide variety to take your pick from.

The most favored filter used in RV is carbon filter, which is especially crafted to be used just in RVs.

However, some campfire chats or forums suggest RVers to avoid using them for their entire RV because they believe it’s likely to cause stagnation in their freshwater tank, owing to the removal of chlorine present in city water.

However, several experts disagree and say there’s nothing wrong in using carbon filters.

Besides carbon filters, some other popular RV water filters are as follows:

  1. Ultra Violet RV System: These are as efficient as the RO RV filters. Along with other impurities, they also eliminate coliforms, cryptosporidium and giardia. This UV RV System is very complicated in structure and can be used with any type of water. This is the costliest amongst all the RV water filters.
  2. RV Inline Water Filters: Such filters are extremely easy to install and can be connected to the standard hose. These filters are the most favored ones for RVs. These are ideal for those who occasionally use their RV’s for trips or vacations.
  3. Reverse Osmosis RV Water Filters: Such filters are very efficient in eliminating unwanted materials from water though the filtration rate is very slow. These are more costly than other types of RV water filters. It is advisable not to use such RO filters when your RV is on the move.
  4. Canister RV Water Filters: They have different purposes and levels. A single canister filter removes odor and some sediment. A dual canister filter is capable of eliminating more sediment, apart from removing bad taste, odor, lead, pesticide, bacteria and chemicals to a great extent. A three canister RV filter has various functionality. The first two canisters of it would have similar cartridges as that of a dual system. The third would house the specialty cartridge. This is the most effective system as it eliminates viruses and bacteria to a great extent.

So, which amongst these will feature in your list of the best RV water filter to buy?